Keno is one of the most entertaining lotto style games on the web, and with jackpot levels worth hundreds of thousands – thousand of gamers log-on in search of luck and entertainment. However, while keno is essentially dependent on luck – check out some of the strategies that gamers claim to use to boost their success playing online video keno……

Keno strategy 1: Lucky numbers

Lucky numbers playing keno – am I joking? Well, amazing as it may sound, lucky numbers really may be real – including when playing keno. Now, the concept of lucky numbers aren't really 'lucky' – they're simply part of the chaos and order present in nature. The Andrucci theory simply suggests that when you have a chaotic situation, you will invariably find elements of order hidden away. Now in the case of online keno, we most definitely have chaos – with numbers 1-180 all capable of winning! So, why is it that some number hit runs where they seem to win again and again during keno sessions. Ah ha – that's the 'order' at work. So, what the theory is really saying is to keep an eye on the keno strike rate for each number, and put the hot numbers on your tickets. Does it work? Well, potentially yes – the universe works in strange ways!

Keno strategy 2: Multi-tickets

Every gamer who plays the lottery or bingo knows about the trick of playing with more than one ticket. Naturally – this strategy does indeed offer you another chance to win at keno, although you'll also have double the loss if you don't win. One trick used by many gamers to play with multi-tickets, is to split your normal keno ticket value into two or more – meaning you get more chances to win, without spending any more money (although this will lower your payout level should you win). The other factor to think about is whether to use totally different numbers on your tickets, or base them around numbers you're hot on, and use a few different combinations. As per usual with keno – there's no specific right or wrong way to make your keno picks.

Keno strategy 3: Number patterns

Many winning lotto games are won by tickets containing consecutive numbers, such as 2, 3 and 4 in the sequence. Since lotto games are won with these numbers, it's worth playing some tickets with some variations, and there's definitely no need to avoid them.

Keno strategy 4: Instinctive keno!

Whether you rely on a keno strategy or not – your chance of winning big are ultimately in the hands of fate and luck. Therefore, many gamers simply set themselves a sensible leisure budget and make their picks anyway they like – special dates, personal lucky numbers, with a lucky dip style, or any other way they can think of! Ultimately, be creative and liberal with your keno gaming – after all it's simply classy fun with a small chance of jackpot joy.

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